At least he's powite.

I love, love, love Zachary's Tae Kwon do class.

The instructor is top-notch, Zachary's behavior in class is nothing short of miraculous, and it doesn't hurt that he seems to have a natural affinity for it. 

It makes him happy, it makes me happy, it makes R happy that we're happy...

However, it does not make Cooper terribly happy.

See, for the hour that class is going on, I have to try to make Cooper SIT STILL (GASP!) and BE QUIET (MOAN!) and at the ripe old age of three, he's not so terribly into either of those things.

I have resorted to bribing him with a pocket full of suckers on a few (ok, most) particularly... active days, and I usually take the iPad and some headphones, and if I'm lucky, that will keep him occupied for 6 non-concurrent minutes of the 60 we are there. 

It is the most stressful time of my day, trying to get him to sit still and be quiet for Zachary's class.  Which leads me to believe either a) I don't have a very stressful life or b) I don't have a very stressful life.

How we roll at big brother's class.

Anyway, the headphones/iPad combo works sometimes, with one major drawback.  When he has his headphones on, he's like a little old man who forgot to turn his hearing aides on and he TALKS IN A YELLING OUTSIDE LIKE SOMETHING IS ON FIRE AND HE NEEDS TO REPORT IT VOICE.  

So the other day we were sitting in class, and things were going pretty smoothly.  He was occupied with Star Wars Angry Birds an educational app, I was watching Zachary perform, and all was well.

Until Cooper had a little, um, stomach discomfort, that, um, caused him to, um, have a bit of gas.

Class was pretty crowded on that day, of course, but I was sitting right beside him and I barely heard it.

It would have been fine, JUST FINE, if he left it at that.  But no, oh no, instead of just ignoring it like 99.9% of the population would have, he yelled "OH!  PWEASE EXCUSE MY BUTT!" At the top of his lungs, then continued to play his game as if nothing had happened.

The laughter of all the waiting parents started near me, then I could hear it ripple down the row until every single person was laughing so hard WE were disrupting class.

Cooper, however, was totally oblivious to the mayhem he had caused, and seemed mainly confused as people approached him after class was over to tell him what "a funny little guy" he was and to inquire after his butt situation.

So now I'm wondering, does quiet trump polite?

I'm thinking it just might.

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