Vodka Gummy Bears

I love giving food gifts at Christmas.  TRUTH: Everyone likes gummy bears.   TRUTH: Most of the people I know drink like fishes.  Therefore, this jar of vodka-soaked gummy bears is an excellent present for many people on my Christmas list, like the mailman, the school bus driver, Zachary's teacher... ok, maybe not ALL those people.  I probably won't give any to the mailman.

Anyway, the process is delightfully simple.  You need approximately 1 pound of gummy bears (get the good ones - Haribo brand.  I am telling you this because once I MAY have gotten some cheap ones and they MAY have dissolved completely and I MAY have just had to drink the dissolved-gummy-vodka-sludge straight out of the jar), 1 and 1/2 cup of vodka, and a sealable glass jar.

Put your gummy bears in the jar, and make sure the jar is no more than 2/3 of the way full.  Why can't I fill it to the top, you ask?  Well, as the little bears start to soak up all the vodka yumminess, they swell up big time.  Kind of like I do after I've had too much to drink...  Here is a comparison of the before and after bears:

I know which ones I want to hang out with.

Next, pour your vodka in up to the top of the bears.  Don't fill the jar up, just cover the top of the bears.  

Now put a lid on it and put it in your fridge for at least a week.

Once or twice a day, take it out and shake it up.  A sludge will start to form and the bears will start to swell with vodka goodness.  

You can start to taste test at any point.  You will know they are done when a) they aren't hard in the middle and b) you start to get drunk just by smelling of one.

At that point, you can take them out of the fridge, slap a bow on top of the jar, and call it a gift.

Because truly, they're a gift.

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  1. Do you store them in the fridge and how long will they last before going bad?

    1. I do keep them in the fridge, and I've kept them for months before. After the vodka is all absorbed they don't really change, so I'd hazard a guess to say you can store them indefinitely. Thanks for stopping by!


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