Super easy last minute stocking stuffers

First things first - Happy Christmas Eve!  

If you've found yourself here as a result of some sort of frantic search for stocking stuffers that you can whip up on the fly, look no further - I've got you covered.

This couldn't be easier, and I'd be willing to bet you have everything you need lurking around your house somewhere.

What you need:
Any denomination of rolled coins - these are dollar coin rolls, but any kind would work just fine
wrapping paper, tape, ribbon and clear cellophane (true confession time:  I didn't have any cellophane handy, so I ripped the outer packaging off a shirt I had yet to wrap for R and there ya go - clear cellophane.  I'd be willing to bet it's all over your house and you don't really need much).

What you do:
Cut a piece of wrapping paper to the width of your coin roll, wrap around and tape into place.  Cut a piece of cellophane that is a couple inches longer than the roll.  Wrap it around and tape into place, then secure the ends with ribbon.  Give the ribbon a quick curl and you're done.

Now that that's all done, go enjoy the rest of your Christmas Eve!

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