P&G eStore is helping me save Christmas.

Every Christmas morning since the boys were born, a similar scene has unfolded.

First, there are the initial shrieks and squeals as presents are handed out and packages are ripped open.

Then there are the cries of delight "It's just what I wanted!!  Thank you, Santa!  I love it!"

After that, there is usually a fair amount of muttering and cursing as R and I try valiantly to open all the stupid bubble packages, twisty ties and zip ties, all while Zachary and Cooper are yelling "Is it open yet? Can I see it?  Can I have it?  Is it ready?  Can you open it?"

Peaceful and idyllic it's not.

The next thing that always, always happens is that pretty much every toy and gadget requires a blue million batteries.  Which I may have, ahem, in the past, forgotten to buy.   Then it's a mad scramble of taking apart the remote control to steal the batteries, texting my sisters to "PLEASE BRING EVERY BATTERY YOU HAVE IN YOUR HOUSE WHEN YOU COME OVER LATER PLEASE HURRY THANKS" and arguing debating with R about whether we should make a panicked run to the gas station for more AA batteries because "MY ROBOT DOESN'T WWWWOOOOOOORRRRRRRKKKKKK!!!!!!"

But that's not going to happen this year.

This year, I have access to Duracell Batteries at the P&G eStore.

That's right.

Proctor & Gamble has created it's own eStore - with shoppers, for shoppers - and it's a new, better way to shop online.

And my favorite of all their cool gift bundles?

Duracell batteries, of course!

Right now, the P&G e-store is offering both AA and AAA battery packs (28 count each) for $17.99.  

While you're browsing around the P&G eStore, make sure you enter the Bundle of Batteries Sweepstakes, where you can win $100 worth of batteries to power you through the holiday season.  $100 worth of batteries?!?!?  That would go a LONG way toward powering all the cars, robots, rocket ships and gadgets that are waiting under the tree for my boys.

Also, the P&G eStore offers free shipping on ALL orders over $25, and every order receives a free sample of something.  When I added a pack of batteries to my cart, a FREE Dawn Power Clean sample magically appeared there, too.   Free is my favorite, by the way.

To make this deal even sweeter, all first time buyers can use Promo Code A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA for 15% off your first purchase.

Duracell batteries delivered to my door at a great price sounds like a win-win situation for me, and I'm sure Zachary and Cooper will appreciate having toys that actually work on Christmas morning.

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