Go vote!

I make it a point to keep my politics off this blog, but truth be known, the election today has me worried.  As the Mama of two little boys who, as adults, could be picking up the aftermath of the next administration, I'm more concerned than usual about how this election may turn out.

I keep my political beliefs to myself always, and it's pretty funny, but all my Republican friends just assume I'm a Republican and all my Democrat friends just assume I'm a Democrat.  The truth is probably closer to the middle, and even though I'm registered one way I often vote another, depending on the candidate and the circumstances.  I don't broadcast my beliefs, and I mostly ignore those who do.  I hate to have to tell you this, but your clever Facebook meme probably isn't going to change my mind about much.

My political leanings are deeply rooted in my childhood, where I watched my parents, who were the two hardest working people I've ever known, still occasionally not be able to make ends meet.  My beliefs were further rooted in adulthood by working nearly two decades for a company that prided itself on diversity before that was even a "thing," and by the many, many, many wonderfully "diverse" people I worked with over those years.

Sometimes my beliefs contradict the party I more closely affiliate with.  The good news is, that's ok, too.  That's part of the beauty of living in America.  We can choose to believe whatever we want, and we can change our minds whenever we want to.  This is a luxury not afforded to many. 

And today is a day that we have not just a right, but a responsibility to roll ourselves up off the couch, put on pants, and get ourselves to the polls.

It doesn't matter who you choose to vote for.  Just choose.

*Steps purposefully off of soapbox.*

And this concludes any political references you will see on this blog.  Well, for four years, anyway.


  1. i'm not as mature about it as you are LOL

  2. Thank you!! I have been absent from facebook and scarce on the internet lately because I'm just so tired of everyone's opinions!! That was refreshing to read. Even now that the elections are over, I can't look on facebook, I don't want to hear complaining. I don't care who anyone supports, just why does my newsfeed have to be full of negativity?!! Whew.


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