What we learned about Columbus Day.

Monday was Columbus Day. 

It's not exactly a holiday we celebrate here, and as such, I'm not sure I have ever told the boys the whole "Columbus-accidentially-stole-this-nice-country-for-us" story.

But Zachary came home from school Monday FULL of knowledge and facts about Christopher Columbus, and I'm not sure I've seen him quite so excited about anything that happened at school since that time Joey puked in the cafeteria.

Here are some of the very interesting facts Zachary had to share about Christopher Columbus.

  • Christopher Columbus was born in 1692.
  • 1692 was the olden days and they didn't have anything except boats and barrels of yucky water.  
  • When Columbus was around, there wasn't any electricity, so he probably couldn't charge his DS.  
  • Columbus had a queen.  So maybe he was a king.  Maybe.
  • He had 90 men.  When I asked him who the men were and what they did, he replied "I'm really not so sure.  But I know he had 'em."
  • Columbus founded our country.  And maybe even Kentucky.
  • There's a rhyme that helps you remember about Columbus.  It goes:  "In 16 hundred and 92 Columbus sailed the old days blue."

I'm thinking history may not turn out to be his strength.

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