Another 100 in the bag.

Last month, for the third month in a row, I ran over 100 miles.

That's over 300 miles in three months.

I'm still not fast.  I'm still not skinny.

But I'm a runner.

In three months, I ran the distance from Louisville, KY to Chicago, IL.

Running makes me feel strong.

It makes me feel less crazy.

It makes me feel more confident.

It makes me feel like I wouldn't get picked off first in a zombie attack.

It makes me feel less clumsy, less self-conscious, less awkward.

It frees my body and my mind in a way I can't describe.

Most days, I feel like I could run forever.

Some days, I feel like I want to.

Whenever I run, I feel good for the rest of the day, and I usually end a run by trying to decide when I'll be able to try to fit the next run in.

It's like a drug, this business, and sometimes I hate it, but I love the way it makes me feel so I can't really quit it.

And I  really don't want to.

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