Introducing the J Family Command Center

I keep a calendar and a schedule and a to-do list for me and my entire family.

Because of my own particular brand of crazy, I prefer to have things planned out down to the last possible millisecond.  There's so little room for error that way, don't you think? (Or maybe I just need some meds to help me with this little problem, huh?)

I've always been somewhat of a visual person, in that I need to see things laid out in front of me so that I can compulsively check them over and over and over (see note above about needing meds).

I have used the calendar in my iPhone religiously for years, but lately it just hasn't been enough, because sometimes I need to see everything at the same time and that's just not possible on that little bitty screen.

Even though it may seem like a step backwards to go from using technology to going to an "old-school" bulletin/white/magnetic board approach, it makes me ever so much happier than trying to enter all the dates and times I need into my phone, then thinking for sure I screwed it up and needing to go back and find the original piece of paper anyway just to double-check that I got zj's snack day right (see note above about needing meds).

So a quick trip to Staples (OH HOW I LOVE YOU, SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE) and a bare wall on the side of my fridge netted me this - the J Family Command Center:

I have a weekly calendar on a wipe off board so I can map out my week, I have plenty of space to hang up important notes from school, zj's Tae Kwon Do schedule and RJ's work schedule, and, most importantly, I got to use my hot glue gun to make my own magnets and pins.

The controlled chaos and clutter, disguised by bright colors and pretty flowers, appeal to me in ways I cannot even begin to describe.

It's kind of like looking inside my brain.

It's scary up in there.

But I like it.

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