Letter to the birthday boy.

Happy birthday Little Bit.

Three years ago today you showed up and made this crazy little family complete.

Even as you grow and change, I always want to be able to remember you just as you are today, because you are... delightful.

You like to make people laugh.  It's one of your many gifts, and whenever someone laughs at something you say or do you always say "That people thinks I funny."  Your Mama likes to make people laugh, too, so I know what a good feeling it is.

You wear your cape and your cowboy hat everywhere.  You say that you're a Cowboy Superhero, and I guess I'd have to say that's true.

You love Mickey Mouse, and Strawberry Shortcake, and cookies and ice cream and cars and trucks and craft time (and you are oh so left handed and I apologize in advance to your kindergarten teacher because I simply cannot seem to teach you to cut) and you think my Mustang is yours and you correct everyone who tells you differently.

You have little use for strangers.  Whenever someone you don't know tries to talk to you, you shy away and say "Mama, why dat people talking to me?"  I don't know, kid.  I really don't know.

Whenever we go somewhere, the minute our house comes back into view, you say "There's us's house! Us made it through!" like we've been away on a grand adventure.  I'll agree, sometimes a trip to the grocery feels like that to me, too.

You play pretend puppies and kitties with your brother, and your love of all things furry almost makes me want to give in to your never-ending desire for a puppy.  Almost.  You also play pretend ghosts and superheroes and zombies, but I'm not really interested in procuring one of those.

Your current dislikes, aside from strangers, are naps and green vegetables.  Someday you'll wish you had a chance to take more naps.  The green vegetable thing, well, I'm not so sure how that will turn out.

You love your brother and your Daddy and your Moo Moo and Blankie with astonishing fierceness, and you love your Mama.  Oh, how you love your Mama.  It amazes me and humbles me every day.

So happy birthday to you, my Little Bit.  I hope your being three is brings us both as much joy as your being two did.

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  1. Awesome little letter, such a cutie!!

    Ummmmm good luck with that! Do you NOT remember 3 with the first kiddo???


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