Why I blog.

A few weeks ago, I read this article about a blogger who had been removed from a paying blogging job for plagiarizing work from another blogger.

My first thought was "People get PAID to do this?  Sign me up."

My second thought was "Why would anyone knowingly steal someone else's words?"

I've been blogging on and off (mostly on) for over five years,  first at Keeping Up With Zackie, then for just a little while at my "secret" blog that never did really feel right to me, and now here.

And I love doing it.

Oh sure, I love the comments and feedback and I even love the technical side of it, but I can honestly say that for me, it's pretty much all about the words.

I love words, and I love telling stories that make people laugh.

Sometimes when I sit down to write the words pour out faster than my stubby little fingers can type them. Sometimes I keep going back and back and back to a sentence or paragraph, trying to find just the right word or turn of phrase to fit what I'm trying to say.

I'm constantly writing blog posts in my head.

Most of my best stuff has been written in the shower, on the treadmill or on the toilet.

The thing is, I've always had words swirling around in my head, and I can't NOT let them out.

When I was a kid I started keeping a diary, then graduated to a journal, and now to a blog.  The words, they have to have someplace to go, and even if I never got another comment or visitor or follower to my blog, I would keep writing it.

Because I have to.

So this chick, the one who stole somebody else's work and used it on her blog, I think she's missing the point.

And I feel kinda bad for her.

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