A picture's worth a thousand words, Part 2.

Welcome back to the Post That Will Never End, AKA Shit that's hanging on my walls.

If you missed the first installment, you can read it here.

Ok, here we go.

2004-2005: RJ and I made up, remarried, and built a house.  Whew.  Busy, busy.  We had lots of new rooms and therefore lots of blank walls to decorate.  Our painters thought we were insane because there isn't a white wall in the place, and after it was all said and done, we used 11 different paint colors.

I thought it was bright and cheerful.

Not everyone agreed.

But still, artwork was needed.  

The dining room, which was painted bright yellow, lent itself easily to bright, abstract, yellow artwork.

The downstairs half-bath, a beautiful turquoise color (that our painter asked us no less than 1,492 times if we were SURE about) was decorated with a piece of stained glass that was a gift from my Sis B:

And then it was time to find some large pieces for the living room.

RJ and I had decided on main elements for the room: soft gray walls, red leather couches, a gorgeous black distressed entertainment center we had gotten for cheap because of a defect in the door, and we set off to Old Time Pottery with those things in mind. 

I'm not sure where it went wrong.  We had been shopping in Old Time Pottery for about 11 hours and had yet to make any decisions when RJ took a seat in a rocking chair - $109 on sale - and told me to come back for him when I was done shopping.  A brief argument ensued, and finally I deferred to RJ's decisions:

What that says about me: SEE?  I CAN COMPROMISE. Dammit.

2006-2009:  In 2006 zj was born, and it changed our lives forever in all the usual ways.  For my first Mother's Day, zj (and I believe RJ might have had a little something to do with it as well) got me a fancy new camera - a Nikon D50.  Although I had no real idea how to use it, I have learned one very important thing - if you take enough pictures, a few of them will turn out great, just by default.

What that says about me:  Look!  I can create life!  I will immortalize this miracle and hang it on every available space in my home!  This will prove that I am the best Mama ever!

2006:  This was the year that we began the Great Basement Finishing Project, which is also known as How to Get Taken By a Variety of Contractors and Now I Don't Have Anything To Show For It Except  This Riding Lawnmower Some Guy Gave Us So We Wouldn't Call The Police On Him For Running Off With Our Money. I don't talk about it much - it was a dark time.  Anyway, we finally found a reputable contractor to do the basics, did a lot of the finishing work ourselves, and our basement playspace was born, complete with a full bar, big tv, slot machine and arcade.  The artwork leans toward early drunk, with a side of old music.

What that says about me:  I can still be all hip and cool. I know I'm a Mama now, but that hasn't changed me.  I still know how to party.  Also, I had more money than taste.

2010-present:  Zj started to get, ya know, opinions. And have his own likes and stuff.  Sorta ridiculous, but I guess it was bound to happen.  Sigh.  Slowly, starting in his bedroom and now creeping into the common areas of the house, we have superhero themed artwork.  Some of these are cheapo posters, but some, purchased by RJ from various collectors, is original artwork, signed and numbered and the whole bit.  Oy.

What that says about me:  Clearly, the children are winning.  It's three two against one, but I'm not going down without a fight.

2011:  I discovered running.  I love to run.  Running makes me feel strong in ways that nothing ever has before.  I can't imagine ever not running.  To commemorate the road races RJ and I have done, I started this wall behind my treadmill:  

The top has race memorabilia like medals, posters and finisher's certificates.  The bottom has all our race bibs from all the races we've  run in.  It's my goal to fill the whole wall up by the time I'm 40.

What this says about me:  I'm obsessive in ways that I cannot even begin to try to describe to you.

Ok, that's it.  I'm out of walls. If I hang anything else up, I'm going to have to take something down, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do that, because of the crazy that lives in my brain.

Now I'm going to have to live vicariously though you guys.

What kinds of things do you have hanging on your walls, and what do they say about you?

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