Stream of Consciousness Sunday: About my impending vacation.


So, the J family is about to go on vacation.

One of the best perks of RJ's job is that his boss lets us use his condo on beautiful Pawleys Island for a week every year.  Actually, it's the only perk of his job, but whatever.

So, as is usual for me, I'm in pre-vacation panic mode.

My house has to be completely cleaned from top to bottom before we leave.

Because oh dear God what if we have a wreck and die a fiery death or get eaten by a band of killer sharks or eat some bad seafood or whatever and somebody has to come in our house and pack up all our shit and sees that I haven't dusted the baseboards or washed the windows since... oh, NEVER.

It's part of my particular brand of crazy.  It's just a part of my crazy, but it's a big part.

Also, every time zj sees me cleaning the toilets, he asks me if its going to be Thanksgiving soon.  Really, kid?  I clean the toilets more than once a year.  I promise.

So today I spent the day vacuuming, mopping and dusting in preparation for possibly dying on vacation.

I don't do taht before I, say, go to the grocery.

What would happen if I died when going to the grocery?

Something else to worry about, I guess.

But I'm really lookign forward to this vacation.  I love the beach, and I know the kids

Seriously?  My time's up?  Wow. I've learned a few important things on this, my first Stream of Consciousness Sunday, hosted by All Things Fadra - shameless plug - you're welcome.  1) I type REALLY slowly. That high school typing class I blew off in favor or French is looking better in hindsight.  2)My blog posts are typically anbout 50 times this long. 3) This was fun.  4)It's killing me not to fix the typos I see above, see CRAZY.  5)I think ALL my blog posts are stream of consciousness.  6)In the best Govenator voice I can muster, I'll be baaaaack.


  1. Fun, right? Love SOC.

    Have fun on vacay! I have to clean the house before we go anywhere. Same crazy, different reason. I just don't want to come home and have to clean up old messes.

  2. Same brand of crazy here too, and for BOTH the reasons lol. This was my first SOC Sunday, too, and I really had fun with it as well. Hope you have a great vacation! PS don't forget the dusties on the ceiling!

  3. I have the same brand of crazy too. And pregnant to boot. But my standards never quite meet my resolve to finish.

  4. HAHA! This is hilarious: Also, every time zj sees me cleaning the toilets, he asks me if its going to be Thanksgiving soon.

    I loved this post, and I so know what you're saying about typos and what not. Though I did reflexively go back and put a space between two words in my SOC post. Just cause I did it without even realizing until after I hit submit! Whoops! Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  5. I do the same thing whenever we go away on vacation or just for the weekend. Hubby thinks I'm nuts and doesn't understand it one bit. Once I get home, I clean again. It's a disease, I know.

    Happy Vacation to you!

  6. Have a good time on vacation, and my mom always tried to instill that same kind of idea. She always said "Wouldn't you rather coming home to clean house." But I'm more of a I wanna make sure we have everything we need, and not stress about the windows person.

  7. Have fun on your vacation! Everyone deserves one every now and then. I'm also very clean-freak obsessed when it comes to preparing for vacations so you are not alone on that one.

  8. This is hilarious! I am going through a similar situation - we leave on Thursday morning (more like Wednesday night with the 3am departure) and I am already cleaning, shopping, cooking! I know the holiday is going to be exhausting too ... I'll need a holiday when I get back! But at least our houses will be clean!
    Have a great holiday!

  9. Stopping by from all.things.fadra. . .

    This was my first SOC also. It's fun and amazing what you discover about yourself.


    You missed a dust bunny over there -->

    Hee hee!

  10. It must be that woman-nesting-behavior thing. I have to have the house totally clean when I go away even though it can look like a natural disaster any other day of the year. My reason, like others, is simply so that when I come home from a relaxing vacation, I can stay relaxed. For a day, at least.

  11. Thanks for all the well-wishes for our vacation! I'm sure we will have a great trip, if I can just get all the ceiling fans dusted before we leave... Also, it's great to hear that I'm not the only person who suffers from this particular brand of crazy :-)


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