Same beach, different priorities.

So, I have these boys.

I love them to the moon and back.

But to say I love them the same would be like saying I love beer and tomatoes the same.

They're just so different.

But that's good.  Variety is good, right?

The differences in their personalities come out the most when I take them to somewhere new and different then offer up the same options.

Like, say...  the beach.

Cj is pretty content to sit and dig in the sand.


His other beach pastimes include sitting in my lap while licking the salt off me and pulling my bathing suit top down.

It was like we were on our first date or something.

Zj, of course, has entirely different priorities.

Like surfing the waves.


And over.

And over.

It's ok though.

In this family, we set our priorities early, and we stick with them.

Always and forever.

They're just like their Mama that way.


We all have 'em.

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