I run so I can eat.

Yesterday I ran 6.25 miles.


I'm not sure you heard me.

Yesterday. I. Ran. 6.25. Miles.

Now if you're a "real" runner who stumbled across this blog, you're probably thinking "What's the big effing deal?  I do that all the time."  Fine, you jerk.   Get your toned little butt off my blog and go shop for size 0 pants or something.

For me, it was a pretty big deal.

Now, let me be completely honest.  To call it "running" is a bit... generous.  It was more like a shuffle-walk-jog-drag-shuffle.  It took me a REALLY long time.  But it doesn't matter, because I moved my body an entire 10k.

Six months ago, I could barely walk a mile.

Four months ago, I could barely walk three miles.  But...

Yesterday. I. Ran. 6.25. Miles.

The icing on the cake, so to speak, was when I realized how many calories I had burned.  Pretty much, after a 10k run, I can eat anything I want.  And for me, that's what it's all about.  Calories burned = good food in my mouth.  I mentioned the other day thatthe J Family is eating better.  That's all fine and good, mind you, and I'm embracing it with the stubbornness only a true Capricorn can manage, but it sure as hell ain't as good as eating French fries.  Or potato chips.  Or mashed potatoes.  Or bread.  Or bread covered in mashed potatoes with a side of French fries and a bag of chips for dessert.  With butter, of course.

Sorry, got a bit off track there.

Anyway, so yesterday, I ran 6.25 miles.

Today, I ran 3.11 miles, then ate 5 Pringles and felt horribly guilty.  WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME???

But I'm here to focus on the positive.

Oh sure, I still have thirty a few pounds to lose. But...

Yesterday. I. Ran. 6.25. Miles.

And I might just do it again tomorrow.


  1. You totally rock! That is awesome! Minii-marathon, watch out!

  2. @Angie - Thanks! However, I think the mini is safe for the time being :)

  3. AWESOME, I've only ever run just over 4 miles!!! and I run to eat whatever I want. I used to say that I work out so that I can eat 5pounds of chocolate a day.........

  4. The Jammie Girl hooked me on to your blog and I must say after reading this blog, I believe we are soul mates!!! I put myself through torture 5 times a week so I can eat what I want and not feel guilty about it. I may even have sweets after lunch and dinner!


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