If you give a girl an iPhone.

If you give a girl an iPhone, she might want to try some new apps.

So, her hubby might jailbreak it for her.

And if her hubby jailbreaks it, she might download 678 apps at a time.

If she downloads 678 apps, her iTunes account might blow up.

No, really, it might Blow. Up.

And if her iTunes account blows up, she might not be able to sync her iPhone.

And if she can't sync her iPhone, she can't listen to music.

And if she can't listen to music, she might get bored and download some more ill-gotten apps.

If she downloads more apps, her iPhone might become almost impossible to navigate through the pages and pages and pages of apps that serve no purpose whatsoever but were FREE become difficult to use.

And it that happens, she might moan and complain incessantly to her hubby that she can't listen to music OR sync her iPhone to the Nike site be sad that her iPhone is difficult to use.

And if she complains to her hubby, he might buy her an iTunes card for Christmas and INSIST she go legit so as to stop the constant whining.

If she gets and iTunes card and deletes the contraband software from her iPhone,

Chances are,

She's probably going to want to download some apps.

With apologies to both author Laura Numeroff and the fine folks at the Apple Corporation, who have nothing to do with the cost of apps, I hear.

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