Gettin' Tipsy.

I love to cook.

Baking, not so much.  There's all this measuring, and waiting, and measuring... Patient?  Not me.  Or at least that was the old me, the me of I-work-a-retail-job-and-it's-Christmas-and-dear-God-do-you-expect-me-to-feed-people-and-CELEBRATE-too?  But slowly, I'm becoming a whole new me...

A few years ago, I came up with the concept of Tipsy Cakes, which is basically a cake mix with a bunch of alcohol poured into the batter, and they were a huge hit with everyone I served them to.

Yes, I know I just ended a sentence with a preposition.

So anyway, when RJ asked me to make some cookies and candy for his co-workers this week, instead of heading to the ready to bake refrigerator section, I thought I might try to find some recipes that contained alcohol because everybody who works with RJ is a raving drunk because they had all enjoyed the Tipsy Cakes so much.  Also, I had seen this recipe for Fruitcake Cookies at the Pioneer Woman's blog, and I was itching for an excuse to try them.

Sadly, the Fruitcake cookies were a total and dismal flop.

Even sadlier, there were few other liquor-laced cookie and candy recipes to be found.

It's like people thing cookies and candy are for CHILDREN or something...

At this point, I did what I do best, and began to improvise.

I could make Tipsy Cookies, and Tipsy Candy, and Tipsy spaghetti, and Tipsy eggs, and...

The posts that will follow over the next few days will highlight the best of what I came up with.


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