The Christmas Photo that wasn't.

Zj knows no fear.

He has been known to follow me to work at 5:30 in the morning in 30 degree weather, climb onto the roof to retrieve errant sticks, and fight a multitude of bad guys before breakfast.

Cj, not so much.

He's more like his Mama.  Quiet.  Sort of shy.  He always wants to get the lay of the land, so to speak, before diving in.

Which is why I was not the least bit surprised when the obligatory-mall-Santa-photo-op-for-only-$34.99 was SO not his thing.

I could have dealt with a few tears.  He's a baby.  Babies cry sometimes, right?

But that was NOT how this went down.

We arrived at the mall, queued up like good little sheep parents, and waited our turn.

RJ was holding cj, I was holding onto zj with a deathgrip so he wouldn't get away quietly amusing zj, and it was soon our turn.

The minute we began our approach to Creepy Mall Santa, I heard a very high-pitched keening sound.  Fire alarms?  No... Oh, wait.  That sound was coming from my child.  He also began climbing up RJ like a spider monkey in an attempt to get to the top of RJ's head, which was as far from Creepy Mall Santa as possible.

I tried to take cj - the sound grew louder and all the dogs within a 3 mile radius began to bark.

RJ tried to hand cj off to Creepy Mall Santa, who seemed unconcerned at the sounds that were coming out of him.

 No. Go.

Finally after numerous attempts, I said "Zj, hop on up there and tell Creepy Mall Santa what you want fro Christmas.  Cj is going to sit this one out."  At this point, RJ moved FAR away from Creepy Mall Santa with cj in his arms, and the wailing and screaming moved down to a more reasonable level.

So, 2010 will always be remembered as the year I Photoshopped cj into the Santa picture.

After getting the photos and looking into Creepy Mall Santa's eyes, I think I understand his reluctance.

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  1. Great Photoshoping skills... I need to do that with are camera shy (new thing) tween... I think most little kids are afraid of santa, I know mine were. At about 3 they realized he brings presents and they should most likely be nice this year.



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