Texting with my Sis.

My Sis B and I came pretty late to the texting game.  

Being simple farm girls, we believed phones to be for - GASP! - talking.

However, in the past six months, we have both gotten new, text-savvy phones (Oh, how I love you, my iPhone) and the texting, while slow to start, has gained momentum this month.

This is important stuff, people.  Pay attention.

Also, it's important to note that my Sis B is a rabid yard saler, and takes my Mama almost every weekend, come rain or shine or snow...

Also, we do spell everything out and punctuate correctly.  We are nerds.  Deal with it.

Also, she will probably never text me again after reading this.  Just sayin'

October 1, 2010 4:32pm

ME: Any good finds today? 

B: Not a lot, but we didn't stay out long.  Mama found a table for a dollar.  That was pretty good.
B: Oh, and two hula hoops.

ME: We don't need any hula hoops.

B: Neither does she.
B: Oh, and I found a man.  I didn't get his name, though.

ME: Oh dear.  Did you at least get his number?

B: No.  It was a short romance.  Ended when I went to the bathroom.

ME: Oh dear...

B: It's ok.  I just loved him a little.

October 2, 2010 6:49am

ME: I was thinking about making a Sonic run before I meet you guys today.  You kids need anything?

B: They don't open until 9:00.

ME: 9? Really?

B: Yeah. Really. Don't ask me how many times I got there at 6:30 before I figured it out.  Remember, I had to study harder in school.

October 3, 2010 11:32am

ME: You kids yard saleing today?

B: Yep.

ME: Kinda cold.

B: Yep.
B: We're in Lewisport.  Kinda cold.

ME: Finding anything?

B: Not much.
B: Got a free camera though.  I must look bad or something.

ME: It's probably your hair.
ME: I ran into D (former boyfriend's sister) today.

B: Did she recognize you?

ME: No.  She kept looking at me like she thought she should know me, but I was so busy twitching my face around and trying to avert my gaze from M (former boyfriend's mother) that she probably thought she remembered me from drug court or something.

B: Was she in drug court?

ME: Who knows?  But I really didn't want to spend the afternoon playing catchup with them. 
ME: You understand, right?
ME: It would be like you catching up with the B family (her former boyfriend's family), except these people aren't all dead like the B's are.

B: I did see him (her former boyfriend) that one time...

ME: He sure was hot.
ME: And such a gifted musician.
ME: It's a shame about that leg, though...

B: I know.  I can't believe I let him get away.

October 8, 2010 8:33am

ME: Mama said you needed to do some work in your garden but you hadn't done it yet.

B: I'll do it today.

ME: When?

B: I'll do it today.  This afternoon.  I promise.
B: If not today, I'll do it this weekend.

ME: You're running out of time.  Your vacation is almost over.

B: I still have Sunday afternoon.

ME: Isn't Monday some made up holiday?

B: Yes, but I have to get my eyes checked that day. I. Have. To.

October 9, 2010 5:00pm

ME: What time are you going to get here to pick these kids up?
ME: Soon, I hope.

B: Oops.  Did I forget something?

ME: Yep, you're late.  Better hurry.
ME: I can't believe you forgot.  I've been telling the boys all day that Aunt B would be here at 5.  They will be so disappointed.

B: They will be disappointed?

ME: Devastated.  If you leave now you can make it by 6.

October 9, 2010. 5:44pm

B: I just boiled an egg for Mama.

ME: How did that go?

B: Good, thanks.

October 10, 2010 1:59pm

ME: If you would like to come hold my baby on your lap indefinitely, I will do your gardening.

B: Hmmm. I Might do that.

ME: When can I expect you? He's getting heavy.

October 11, 2010 8:32am

ME: Are you en route to get your eyes checked? If not, you better get going.

B: No, I've almost decided to wait till tomorrow after work.  I hate to leave the comfort of home.

ME: No no no no.  You said you have to.  Get your ass up and do it.  Btw, how's your garden?

B: I like being at home. Really. Garden is not done yet.

ME: I cannot abide a lazy person.

B: I'll get some work done today.  I promise.  I might wash the house again.  Stupid dead bugs.

ME: It's your last day off.  Try to be productive and not waste it.

B: Thanks for the reminder.

ME: I'm here to help in any way possible.

B: Yeah, I've noticed that.

October 11, 2010 11:03am

ME: I may need an intervention.  I can't stop buying cute clothes online.

B: Does RJ know you are spending the grocery money on clothes?

ME: He's still eating.  He doesn't need to know.

B: And that you're online all day when you should be watching his kids while he's hard at work?

ME: I shop from my phone.  Cj is on my lap right now.
ME: Maybe I need a pool boy.

B: Make sure he doesn't speak English.  I hear that's the best kind.

ME: I don't take with foreigners.

B: I heard about that.

October 12, 2010 6:29pm

ME: How are your eyes?

B: Oh, I put it off again and got a haircut instead.

October 14, 2010 5:35pm

B: Are we still speaking?  If not, please disregard this message.

ME: Yep.  But I was afraid your eyes had rotted out so I haven't texted you lately.

B: I'm going tomorrow.  Really.

October 15, 2010 6:28pm

B: Eye exam. Check. Was just a little rotten.  Not very much.

ME: Oh good.  I was getting worried.  I really don't want you to go blind.  Because then we'll have to put Mama in a home.  And they don't have yardsales in homes.

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