I remember when Halloween was one day, not a month-long affair.

When I was a kid, Halloween lasted exactly one day.

Now don't get me wrong, we were able to cram a whole lot into that one day.  We got to dress up at school.  We had cupcakes in class.  We went to a party at church.  We trick-or-treated.  All of these things were accomplished with whatever do-it-yourself costume you could dream up.  I was a hobo for seven years running because it was always easy to find ratty old clothes with holes in them and tie a handkerchief to a stick.  It was great fun.

But it was one day.

One. Day.

My kids have been celebrating Halloween for the better part of two weeks now.

It has included multiple outings, more candy than we can possibly eat in a year, and - I kid you not - costume changes.

Way back when, like in September or something, zj told me he wanted to be the Green Lantern.


Costume ordered.

We learned the Green Lantern Oath.

As the day approached, we carved pumpkins.

And yes, it is clear that I am a superior pumpkin carver.  So what if I was so grumpy by the time I was finished that my children were terrorized and I was drinking vodka straight from the bottle.  They. Are. Freakin'. Cool.

We took the kids to the local Trunk or Treat.  Zj decided to be Batman for this one.  It's ok.  We have a lot of costumes.  

We took the kids trick or treating at Granny's house.

And then, finally, it was Halloween night and time to go trick or treating, like, for real. 

We did our usual and walked the kids around our neighborhood, collecting candy and passing time with the neighbors.  I though it would never end and oh dear God I need a drink.  The kids had a blast.

Here are the spoils:

Actually, please ignore the bottle of UV vodka in the photo.  We did not get that while trick or treating.  I bought that. To replace the one I drank while carving pumpkins.  

We even got these really cool homemade suckers that we can't eat because of, you know, razor blades and pcp.

But it's November 1, and it's over.

Till next year.

Now, on to Christmas.


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  1. You got so much candy! The costumes and the pumpkin are great.


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