Oh dear. I can't think of a thing to say.

So, it appears that I've become Muse-less lately (Damn Muse.  Where are ya when I need ya?).  Apparently, my life has become rather boring, my kids have ceased to be funny and/or cute, and there is no news fit to report at 154 Hidden Court.  For a while I resorted to writing stories about my childhood, but I can only go all Laura Ingalls up in here for a little while before it starts to get a bit stale.  Plus, my inner farm girl is also hiding at the moment, presumably under the extra 20 pounds I'm carrying and have no hope of ever losing since my treadmill tried to kill me.

Anyway, I did what all good bloggers do when stumped for an idea.  I Googled "blog post ideas" and decided that I would pick the least worst one.  After wading through ideas like "write about what your definition of love is" and "write a blog post about your most recent date" and "write a blog post about that one time that you got abducted by aliens" I found an idea that wasn't too terrible.  The suggestion was "write a blog post on current news happenings."  I'm informed.  I'm well read.  I can surely do this.


I pull up CNN.  Here is just a smattering of the current news making headlines around the world.

Gunman to 911: Wish I shot more -  This is a terrible story about a gunman who shot up a bunch of people, called 911, and said he wished he had been able to shoot more people.  Uplifting.

State Dept.: Al Qaeda still No. 1 threat - Oh really?  I thought maybe that was all better now.  Thanks for the update.

19 states warned about deadly heat - well, it was 109 degrees yesterday...

Zakaria: Iraq war wasn't worth it - No. Shit.

Ovulating women buy sexier clothes - that's good to know.  Remind me NOT to go shopping then.  

7 water bottles found in dead gator - Really?  Who's the schmuck who checked?

Born to be fat? - Oh good.  It's not my fault.  Where are my Cheetos?

Obama celebrates birthday with Oprah - But of course.  Where else would he be?

The phone with the most apps wins - My iphone has been ordered and will arrive next week.  I could have told you that.

So, now we're all more enlightened.

Thank goodness.

And I promise, I'll take some pics of the kids doing cute stuff to post next time.


  1. Two thoughts...

    1. Poor gator :(
    2. Pass the Cheetos!

    I also like the use of "least worst" as it's common around here. As are random pairings like "most beautifulist" and "bestest ever."

    (spellcheck is underlining those in glaring red dots of disapproval)

    (spellcheck is also underlining itself in glaring red dots of disapproval, which I find amusing)

  2. Oh, this is rich! I can't imagine you not having anything to say :)

    Do you ever try Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop?

  3. Dianna, I checked Mama Kat out. I will definitely be using her prompts! Thanks for the heads up.


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