Nine days and counting.


I quit my job a while back, but in some strange situation that would only happen to me, instead of only giving two weeks notice, it has been more like two MONTHS notice.

But that's fine, right?

It should have given me plenty of time to make plans, tie up loose ends, and leave everyone and everything in a good place.

Instead, it has caused my OCD to kick in at work big time.

I only have nine shifts left.

I absolutely, positively, without a doubt have to take care of that funky sign that has been outdated and out of place since sometime in the spring of 2005.

It also seems urgent that everything is clean before I leave.

I mean, it's a bookstore, right?  Books are dusty.  Ergo, the bookstore gets dusty sometimes.  But now, well NOW, I have to make sure it's clean before I leave.

This seems like a similar problem I had at home that one time I went on vacation...

Oh well.

But back to me.

To be quite honest, I am in the early stages of a full-blown, complete, total and utter meltdown over this.

See, I like my job.  My soon to be former job.  Unlike half the world, I have usually enjoyed the work I do, the people I work with and the sense of satisfaction I get from it.


I love my kids and my family more.

An right now, I think they need me more that my job does.

Which is why I quit.  Obviously.


I can't keep from thinking that I may have given up the only job I will ever be good at.  The only job that is really a fit for me, my personality, my strengths and abilities.

So in a few years if I choose to enter the workforce again, or if I might need to enter the workforce again, what the hell am I going to do?

I imagine that I'll just walk up to my old store, ask for the current manager, thank him or her for the years of service, then politely ask him to get the hell out of my office.

Yeah, it's scary living in my mind, ain't it?

I've worked at this job, for this company, for nearly half my life.

For longer than I've managed to stay married to RJ.  Either time.

It has been a constant in my adult life.

Have I mentioned that I don't deal well with change?

So anyway, here I am.  WIth nine shifts left to get every single thing in absolutely perfect order before I go.

Wish me luck.

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