Oh Willie. How could you?

It is the end times, people.

Life as we know it - gone in an instant.

Changed forever.

Just... gone.

Because Willie Nelson has Cut. His. Hair.





Oh, Willie, how could you betray me this way?


You know, your biggest fan? Hello???

You know, the one that came to your concert last year while nine and a half months pregnant in the 120 degree heat outside at night and I couldn't even drink a beer?  Because hello?  Pregnant.  You know, the one who owns all your albums, legitimately purchased, not downloaded, even the ones in musical genres I do not like and you cannot sing?  Now that's dedication.

I'm crushed.


Because you have gone from being a semi-hot-for-an-old-guy-fabulous-guitar-player-best-songwriter-to-ever-walk-the-planet to a creepy old guy whose hat doesn't fit right.

I can only hope that your hair is going toward a good cause.

Like, maybe you donated it to Locks of Love for old people.

Or possibly it's being used in the development of a new biodiesel.

Or maybe it's being used to mop up that big oil spill.

Or, quite possibly, you are selling it on ebay to pay your growing back taxes and legal fees.

You were the last true rebel.

And now you've conformed.

Gotta go.  I think I need another beer.


  1. Willie is a lovely looking old lady.

  2. OMG! I can't believe he cut his hair!!! This truly is a sad day in America :(


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