Sock Monsters - They're Real!!!

I'm not known as the best housekeeper around.  To my credit, I love to cook, but housekeeping just... alludes me somehow.  However, I do what is necessary most of the time, and manage to keep the house from being a total and utter pit from hell.

But laundry, laundry and I do not get along.

At all.

I'm no super stain fighter.

I have no super-de-duper hints or tricks that make wrinkles disappear as if by magic.

Oh, and I'm infested with sock monsters.

And they're breeding.

For real, yo.

Ok, I'm sure you don't believe me here, but let's do some math, shall we?

There are four members of the J household.  Each J family member wears approximately one pair of socks per day.  That's two socks in a pair, times four people, times seven days in a week, times four weeks in a month.  Approximately, of course.

That's around 224 socks that should pass through my washer and dryer per month, right?

If you assume a loss rate of approximately 5%, that means that in any given month, you could assume a loss of 11.2 socks.

Approximately, of course.

So where the hell did all these come from???

These photos depict actual unmatched socks found at 154 HIdden Court.

Sock Monsters - They're Real.

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