The People of Wal-Mart: The Infant Edition. We're obviously in the finals.

A while back, the website The People of Wal-Mart became big news.

Some thought it was the funniest thing in the world since...  well, since ME, and other people thought it was a horrible exploitation of the pour lost souls in tube tops.

I see both sides, really.

But more importantly, it's clear that cj is in the running for the Infant Edition.

So what if we weren't ACTUALLY in Wal-Mart when these photos were taken.

We are quite obviously there in spirit.

Bonus points for:
One sock on, one sock off.
Not one but two different colors of baby food staining the shirt
Dirt on the knees from crawling on the floor.
Cow-licks on both sides of the head.

When I picked him up from the sitter the other day, he was wearing this.  He had not been wearing this when he left that morning.

Bonus points for:
Shirt 4 sizes too large.
Underwear over diaper.
Drool stains on both the front and back of the shirt.

Oh well, at least he's happy.

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