A Cold Snap.

Around the first part of the year, the J family made some major financial changes.  This was designed to be a means to an end - one both RJ and I deemed necessary.

One of the changes that we made was that RJ is now in charge of paying the bills. 

This was clearly a departure for both of us.

Now don't go getting any crazy ideas.  It's not like I spent the baby's milk money on crack, or gambled away the boys' life savings or anything like that.  But it was important, for the first time in our second-married life, that RJ was the one who actually write the checks that paid the bills.

It's been an eye-opening experience for both of us.

In the past, if we were cold, the heat was turned up.

RJ is notoriously cold natured.

There have been many, many, many times in the past that I came home from work to find RJ here with the thermostat turned up to, I don't know, 75 degrees or so. 

Not so now.

We woke up a few mornings ago and the temp had dropped overnight.

RJ's solution:

And yes, there really is a baby in there.  He's just hiding his face because his nose is so cold.  

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