Zackie Johnson, Woodpecker Hunter.

Apparently, the woodpeckers in our neighborhood are pretty hard up right now, as one of their flock seems to believe that he can woodpeck his way into our vinyl-sided house.  

RJ is sort of obsessed with the aforementioned woodpecker, and every time the "tap, tap, tap" starts, he runs outside to chase it away.  There is talk of bb guns, slingshots and possibly a woodpecker trap.


The other day, RJ was at work and the woodpecker of doom returned, so zj did what all good first-born sons do - he took up the cause of the father.

zj: "Mama, do you hear that?"
Me: "Hear what?"
zj: "Mama, it's that woodpekkah.  He's pekkin' at our house.  Quick, I need my sword.  I'll go get him."

Ahhh.  Like father, like son.

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