I love me some nook. This is not a dirty post.

I work for a major chain bookstore.  Pretty much the only thing I know how to do in this life is to sell books to people, whether they want them or not.

They usually want them, by the way, they just don't know it yet.

Anyway, back in the fall, my boss-type peeps at the bookstore made a major announcement - we were joining the e-reader race, right in time for Christmas.

I ordered one right away.

I justified the $259 by saying that it was a joint Christmas present for both RJ and me, but I was totally planning to make it mine, all mine.

Mainly, I wanted one so I could figure out how to use it and how to teach my customers to use it, too.

I wasn't totally sold on all the possibilities of using an electronic thingy to do all my reading on.

It seemed wrong.

It seemed too futuristic.

I'm a traditionalist.

Nothing can replace BOOKS, right?

After about 5 minutes with the thing, I was hooked.

Hooked on nook.  Ha ha.

God, I'm funny.

Anyway, back to my nook.  The thing that I love about it is how very portable it is.  I know books are portable, too, but you can tote THOUSANDS of books on this one thing.

I always get panic-y when I'm almost done with a book and I don't have anything new lined up.  That does not happen with my nook.  It doesn't matter where I am, I can always get something new to read in about a minute.

It's really handy, because before, if I was somewhere near the end of a book and I was going to go somewhere, like to an appointment, or somewhere that I might have to sit in the car for some period if time, I would have to take TWO books, just in case I finished one.  But I only need one nook.

Pretty cool.

Oh, and it's easy to use.  Even for the technologically challenged, like me.

You should go out and buy one today.

Cause it's cool.

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