I had the coolest gadget in the house, for about a minute.

Last week, I got a new cell phone.

I have had a cell phone since the days of the ginormous ones that were roughly the size of a loaf of bread.  However, I have never, ever paid more than $20 for one.  I usually take the "free with contract" one.  You know, the really crappy one with bad reception and the loose pieces that fall off after a week or two?  Yeah, that's my phone.  Or at least it always had been.

But in yet another effort to cut expenses in the J household, we recently dropped our home phone line, making our cell phones our ONLY phones.  I know people are doing this, but it was sort of scary to think that the boys would grow up and would probably never remember that phones used to have to be - GASP! - plugged into the wall to work.  If they do remember it, it will be fuzzy and retro, sort of like my recollection of 8-track tapes.

Anyway, my old $0.99 cell phone wasn't going to cut it for Primary Phone Status.

I did a bunch of research (read: Googled it) and came to some conclusions.

1.  I didn't want a smart phone, because I didn't want to pay extra every month for the data plan; and
2. I wanted a cool phone.

I picked out a phone I liked from my provider's website, but it was around $80.  Since the whole point of this endeavor was to cut costs, that seemed steep to me.

So I showed it to RJ in passing, and mentioned that I liked it, but that I thought it was a bit pricey.

Of course, he took me into the cell phone company the next week and we left with it.

I LOVE it.

Of course, I don't really know how to use it very well, and have missed several important calls.  It took me three days to figure out how to check my voicemail, and the whole texting sideways with my thumbs has made me look sort of like a foolish 14 year old.  Whatever.  It's cool.

RJ told me over and over and over that he was fine keeping his old phone.  It did everything he needed.  Sure, it wasn't fancy, but it didn't need to be.  It was a phone, and it could make calls.

Two days later, he came home with this:

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