Man Mode.

There's really no doubt that I love this guy.

Of course, we get on each other's last nerve from time to time.

Of course, we have a tiff now and again.

But truth be told, he gets me in a way that no one else really does.

A few days ago, I rear-ended someone on the interstate had a little bit of a traffic incident.   When I called RJ to let him know, his first words were "Are you ok?"  which of course, I was not.  After I hung up, he gave me a minute to process, because I always need a minute to process, then he called me back to see if he needed to come get me, arrange for a tow, etc. etc. etc.   I did not.

As soon as I got home, he inspected the damage, then went into full blown Man Mode.

RJ: "Did you call the insurance company yet?"

Me: "No, I was busy shaking." "I didn't have the number on me."

Before I could pour a beer blink, he was on the phone, making arrangements with the insurance company and the body shop,  and just overall Taking Charge.

We don't have to talk about things like this.  He knows that I hate dealing with this sort of stuff, and it's just sort of understood that he will do it for me, just like it's understood between us that he could not find the laundry hamper with a GPS system I deal with the laundry, and he's always the one who drives, because, HELLO, I run into people sometimes...

It's understood.

We don't have to have discussions about it.

Sometimes the most meaningful things are the things that don't have to be said at all.

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