I'm totally uninspired, so today I'm going to steal somebody else's blog idea.

Today, I am feeling completely uninspired.

For a lot of reasons.

One, I have inventory tonight, which means a really late night of hurry up and wait, random people yelling "SKU CHECK!" and too much old pizza eaten too late at night.

Two, pretty much everyone in my house is either grumpy or sick. Cj and I are sick. That leaves zj and RJ. You do the math.

Three, it's supposed to snow again. I. HATE. Snow.

So, anyway, I did a quick Google search and found The Daily Meme, which is a wonderful website dedicated to slacker bloggers like me.

One of the questions I happened across was this:

What fashion crime do you commit on a regular basis?

Oh, that's an easy one.

I am utterly, totally, and completely in love with my Crocs.

Yes, I know they are really meant for the under seven crowd.

Yes, I know they are dangerous on escalators.

Yes, I know they make me look like a lesbian hippie.

Yes, I KNOW they're ugly.

And you know what?


I have extremely bad feet.  Ugly, misshaped, swollen, twisted, peeling, ugly feet.

And these shoes, these Crocs, are a gift from God himself to someone like me who stands up on concrete floors 50 +/- hours a week.

So, judge if you must.

I'm going to wear them anyway.

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