I'll do just about anything to get out of going to a meeting. But really, this is a bit much.

So I had this really important meeting today in Louisville.  It was with my relatively new boss and all the other managers from my district.  It was supposed to be all about how to write reviews for the people who work for me.  Really important, once a year stuff.

And I wasn't looking forward to it exactly, but surely I was planning to go.

Actually, I went.

Almost all the way there.

But then, out of nowhere in the middle of I-64, a car just happened to stop in front of me.

And I just happened to run into said car.

Now, before we continue, I would like to be clear that I was not doing any of the following things: eating fried chicken, talking on the phone, reading, eating pizza, applying makeup, texting, working a crossword puzzle, eating a burger, sleeping or performing magic tricks (all of which I have seen other drivers do at one time or another).

I just didn't see her.

And I ran into her.

So, I had to call my new boss and explain, rather ineloquently, that my car and I wouldn't make the meeting. 

He took it rather well, I think.

What a hell of a way to get a day off from work.

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