The Breakup.

I am breaking up with one of my favorite bloggers.

It's not her, it's me.  I've changed.  But I'm still heartbroken.

My friend Natalie at The Boddeker Blog introduced me to this blogger years ago, and I have been a faithful follower ever since.  Even when she moved from the really good blog, to the not quite as good blog.  Even when she took breaks from her blog that lasted WEEKS, I still checked in faithfully.  She was the blogger I wanted to BE (well, except for that weird third person stuff that I could never quite keep straight.  Hell, my facebook status is challenging enough to do in third person).

But anyway, as I was perusing this blog last week, I came across this post, and I felt a profound sense of betrayal.  It was like I just found porn downloaded onto my husband's computer or something.

I consider myself to be pretty forgiving and easygoing when it comes to differences in people.  I know many people who are Republicans have different opinions and lifestyles from me, and for the most part, I think that just keeps things interesting.  But I'm taking up  a new cause.  It's the plight of the retail clerk.  As someone who has chosen to be a retail clerk for most of my adult life, it's a cause near and dear to my heart.

Most days I like my job love my job like my job, but it is seldom to find anyone who hasn't lived in a retail clerk's life who knows a thing about what it is really like.  Most days, my job is a complex series of logistical, human resource, merchandising and strategic decisions that gets the customer exactly what they want, when they want it.

So here's what immediately comes to my mind when I hear someone say that holiday stuff shouldn't go out until the day after Thanksgiving.  Who's gonna spend the day in all the closed stores on Thanksgiving Day setting up these displays, changing out signs, arranging holiday displays, etc. etc. etc?  Why me, of course.  And all my minimum-wage making, hard-working staff members, too.  If holiday stuff couldn't go out until the day after Thanksgiving, that is exactly what would have to happen.  Forget spending the holiday with family.  We would have to be in the store all day to set up for the holiday because some people don't like it that Christmas stuff is out the week BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Not to mention the fact that in most retail stores I have been in in my lifetime that there is no place that is not on the selling floor to store a whole reset worth of merchandise.  One of the reasons stuff starts to go out so early is that THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE TO PUT IT.  Most stockrooms, even in big box retailers, are approximately the size of a bathroom.  If it can't go out, it's a logistical nightmare.

But that's not the customer's problem, it's mine.  And every year, I handle it, and handle it well, and when you come into my store two days before Christmas with a list of obscure wishes for crazy Aunt Myrtle, there's a good chance I have them in stock and ready for you.

You're welcome.

So anyway, Mrs. G, I am breaking up with you.  We've grown apart, and it's time for me to move on.  I wish you all the best.

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