Naptime really is the new happy hour. (With apologies to the author of that book, whose title I just claimed for my own.)

Now that I have two kids, I wonder what I used to do in all my spare time.  Because I sure had a lot of spare time.  I must have, because taking care of zj and cj take up 25 hours most days, yet I still manage to find time to brush my teeth at least a couple times every week.  Ergo, before I had kids, I had a lot of free time.  I guess, because I can't really remember what I did.  When I think back on the pre-kids era, it is all a bunch of fuzzy, beer-laced memories of reading books that have - gasp - CHAPTERS!  Oh, and I used to have time to get my hair cut at least a couple times a year.  Other than that, I'm not sure what I did.

But now, with two kids under age 4, naptime and bedtime are like the next water stop for someone running a marathon.  Don't misunderstand here, I love my boys, and I love playing X-Men with zj (even if I do have to be Blob most of the time),  and I love reading them stories, and coloring, but after a few hours of it, my brain is basically mush and I look forward to the chance to think about grown up matters, like leaky roofs, draft beer and facebook.

So maybe I occasionally fudge bedtime (they can't tell time, so what if it's 5pm, Mama needs a DRINK) by a few minutes.  Who's really counting?  My kids get plenty of quality programming attention, so why should I feel bad about occasionally wanting to do something for myself, like maybe taking care of the current unibrow situation?  But I do.  Feel bad, that is (and currently have a unibrow, for that matter).

Anyway, my point here, if there really is one, is that I love naptime.  It is currently naptime at 154 Hidden Court, and cj is sleeping like, well, like a baby.  Zj is at least somewhat subdued, if not asleep, and Mama gets a chance to blog a bit.  Peaceful, ain't it?

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